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    • AUGUST 13, 2021
    Your health is our priority during lockdown

    Your health is our priority during lockdown

    Our practices are essential services and will remain open, and our vaccination clinics will continue to operate.

    Consider having telehealth or video appointment – this can be a wise alternative to attending in person during a lockdown.

    Please remember – you must not enter our practices if you have, or have recently had, in the previous 14 days, any ANY respiratory symptoms – however mild.

    If you have been to a COVID-19 hot spot including the ACT since 5 Aug, please do not enter our practices. Call us for advice.


    Failing to inform our reception staff about your symptoms and/or your travel to or from a hot spot, places all in our practices at high risk and could force the shutdown of all our health care services so essential to our community.

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    • AUGUST 2, 2021
    Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arriving 16 Aug for our eligible patients

    Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arriving 16 Aug for our eligible patients

    Queen Street Medical Centre Moruya is set to receive the first delivery of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on 16 August 2021. Initially, we’ll receive just 60 doses per week of this Pfizer vaccine – available for eligible patients of Queen Street Medical Centre.

    To check your eligibility and see more essential info – follow the read more link below.

    How to book: Please do not call us – please continue to use the Book a COVID Vax buttons here on our Home page or find other locations using the Department of Health eligibility checker. NB: Bookings for our Pfizer vaccination clinics will be live online as soon as we receive the vaccine – expected 16 August.

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    • JULY 1, 2021

    Confused about your COVID-19 vaccination options and the risks? We recommend you read this article appearing in The Conversation 29 June 2021 – click on the read more link below.

    In a nutshell, if you are under 40 years old and want to get a COVID-19 vaccine the options are:

    1. wait until Pfizer becomes available for your specific situation (you can use the vaccine eligibility checker to see when you’re eligible)

    2. think about getting an AstraZeneca vaccine.

    The best advice is to discuss with your GP your own unique story, and the risks and benefits as they relate to you.

    Also listen to QUEENSTREETMEDCAST  –  Dr Neil Starmer explains why the risk to you from COVID-19 is greater than the risk from getting vaccinated.

    To be fully informed, read the full story by The Conversation  – click on the Read more link below.

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    • JUNE 27, 2021
    New COVID-19 measures across NSW – new restrictions at our practice

    New COVID-19 measures across NSW – new restrictions at our practice

    New COVID-19 measures apply across NSW. 

    If you are a CLOSE or CASUAL CONTACT or HAVE VISITED any of the NSW locations during the time and date indicated it is essential to follow the NSW Health advice. Latest COVID-19 case locations and alerts in NSW.

    We have implemented stricter entry and infection protocols at our practices:

    Patients and carers please note: If you have visited any of the hot spots listed, or are a close or casual contact – do not enter our Moruya or Broulee practices. Get tested immediately and self-isolate.  Our waiting room is for patients only – our Covid Concierge will determine if your carer or family member may enter. Please do not arrive early for your appointment – waiting room numbers are strictly limited in accordance with infection protocols. All patients must wear a mask at all times within our practice in accordance with NSW Face Mask Rules

    Be sure you are fully informed on the latest restrictions. Click on Read more below. Book your COVID vaccination at our practice online (links above) or use the government eligibility checker to find other vaccination locations.

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