Thank you Annie

Dear Patients, over the years so many of you have come to know our wonderful Patient Services Manager and registered nurse, Annie Williams – we know this because whenever we’re out and about with “Celebrity Annie” every five metres is a ” social occasion” as she’s stopped and greeted warmly by so many of our patients eager for a chat.

Annie retires tomorrow, 24 April – it’s such a milestone for the practice because for the past 11 years, Annie has been such a positive influence in so many ways upon us all. The good news however, is that Annie will return to help out the nursing team from time to time. Annie joined the practice in March 2009 as Nurse Manager and in 2018 took up the pivotal operational role as Patient Services Manager. In this role and in addition to her practice nursing, Annie has built, mentored and managed our dedicated Patient Services Team who provide the reception services at our practice. Just managing the daily volume of calls (recently over 600 on some days) is a challenge and when not operating under this COVID-19 pandemic, our practice team usually manage the health needs of 350 to 400 patients per day, in addition to providing admin and nursing support for 8 to 12 doctors plus our visiting specialists. Quite frankly – there’s never a dull moment.

Annie – on behalf of the whole practice team we thank you for all you have contributed and more and extend to you and your family our very best wishes for a happy, healthy retirement. When some normality returns we know you’ll be enjoying some wonderful trips and we’re looking forward to the photos! We’re going to miss hearing your quick footsteps down the corridor, your infectious laugh and kindness – and all that professionalism and respect which has always underpinned everything you do – we’re just so happy you’ll be back from time to time.

Our congratulations to our Nurse Manager Shelley Pritchett who is taking up the challenging Practice Manager role from Monday 27 April. Since 2017 Shelley has been been such a valued member of our managment team and just like Annie, she is well equipped for this demanding operational role. Shelley we wish you every support and success.