In praise of feet – show them you care.

The human foot is a remarkable piece of “engineering”, each with 26 bones, connected across 40 joints by strong ligaments and able to perform many functions through the action of muscles and tendons.

Our feet provide balance and posture, supporting the whole weight of the body when standing and mobilising, often for many hours without rest.

Our registered practice nurse Vivienne White says “many of us tend to neglect our feet, seldom stopping to consider how important they are to our daily function and well-being, until injury or pain stops us in our tracks!” Vivienne shares these everyday tips to good foot care.

Simple foot care should be part of everyone’s daily routine, and should include the following:

  • Keeping feet clean with neatly cut nails so reducing the chance of skin and nail infection.
  • Checking all parts of the feet for changes or wounds.
  • Applying moisturiser regularly to maintain good skin integrity.
  • Choosing suitable foot wear for your age and activity level to prevent deformity and injury.

Some health conditions can have a greater impact on your foot health (e.g. Diabetes, reduced circulation or sensation) which may require extra care/treatment from a qualified health professional.

If you have difficulty attending your own regular foot care, notice changes or have any concerns regarding your feet, do not hesitate to seek medical assistance. Early detection and treatment can greatly reduce the chance of long-term issues. Talk to your GP in the first instance for advice.

Here at QSMC we are looking at opening a regular clinic to provide affordable foot health assessments and care to our patients. This would be run by our experienced Registered Nurses.

Watch this space for further details and how to access this service if you think we could assist you to care for your very important feet.