Pathology Results

Please phone us for your results. We all share the responsibility to make sure your tests are acted upon if needed. Please don’t assume your results are normal.


All pathology results are received by your doctor and recorded in your personal health record. We use the following system and terminology to inform you of your result:

    1. Urgent results: we will contact you immediately (so please ensure we have your current and correct contact details recorded).
    2. Non-urgent results an appointment required: our receptionist will make a routine appointment for you when you call for your result. This result by definition can wait until the next appointment.
    3. Non-urgent result your doctor will advise: our receptionist will advise you that the doctor would like to discuss your result and will arrange for the doctor to call you usually within 48 hours.
    4. Non-urgent result reception to advise: the doctor will authorise our receptionist to inform you of routine results when you call for your result.
    5. No action: you may be advised by our receptionist that a result has been marked as “no action” by your doctor. This means the result is acceptable and can be discussed at your next routine appointment.

Our Health Reminders and Recalls

We have a recall and reminder system in place to ensure that important tests, follow-ups and examinations are performed at the appropriate time. Our doctors are responsible for maintaining the currency of these reminders and our Better Health programme coordinator may contact you to attend a clinic or to see your doctor when a reminder is due. Please ask your doctor during your consultation if any recalls or reminders are due. We also participate in the governmental reminder system for Pap test and bowel screening. If you do not wish to participate please inform your doctor.