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Parenting during Covid-19 – how to help your children and yourself

COVID-19 has changed the way of life for many parents and their children. It’s important that parents, carers and their children feel supported through this ever changing and stressful event.

Our RN Kate Tiller has special training in paediatrics and as mother of two young children she well understands it’s a testing time for all, with many parents and carers looking for information to help themselves and their children cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate advises that although the pandemic may feel overwhelming, there are some small things we can do that may help. Follow the read more link and also see the videos for children and helpful links to great resources which Kate has found.

Unsure if wearing a mask is worth it? Watch this revealing video.

If you’re not sure whether wearing a face mask is worth it, or you need to wear a mask but are unsure which type, this new research should help you decide. Professor Raina MacIntyre – head of the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of NSW and her team took videos of what happens when you talk, cough and sneeze in different scenarios — while not wearing a mask, wearing two different types of cloth masks, or wearing a surgical mask. You should also treat your mask like underwear – don’t take it off in public. Watch this revealing video and read more –  follow the link here.

Public health warning – Batemans Bay Soldiers Club

NSW Health is directing patrons and staff who attended the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club on Monday 13 July, Wednesday 15 July, Thursday 16 July and Friday 17 July, to immediately be tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate for 14 days, regardless of symptoms.

Everyone must stay in isolation for a full 14 days even if their test is negative. Anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms should also be retested, even if they have had a negative result previously.

Patrons and staff who attended the Soldiers Club on Tuesday 14 July are being advised to monitor for symptoms and seek testing if symptoms develop.

The change in advice is due to the identification of four new cases linked to the club today; one staff member, two cases who dined at the club and one case who is a close contact of the previously reported cases. Four cases who dined at the club had previously been reported, all members of the same family. One of the eight cases is a local resident.

Follow this link for a full list of COVID-19 testing clinics  

NSW Health is urging anyone feeing unwell, even with the mildest of symptoms to self-isolate from others and come forward for COVID-19 testing. Symptoms inclu​de fever, cough, sore/ scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell. 

Advice to all our patients: We continue to impose stringent infection control measures – if you have a respiratory infection of any description you must contact us before your appointment for instructions about your consultation at our ‘off-site’ respiratory clinic – you must not enter the practice.