Dr Richard Lloyd – farewell and thanks mate

We all extend our heartfelt thanks and very best wishes to our practice partner Dr Richard Lloyd (pictured top left) – who is retiring from his role as practice partner and full time GP at the end of this month and planning to take some well deserved extended leave.

It was 29 years ago in 1991 when Richard joined the practice having just completed a year of anaesthetic training in the UK. In tune with the long-held tradition of our practice partners and GPs, Richard also spent the next 24 years in various roles at the Moruya Hospital including GP Visiting Medical Officer (VMO), GP Anaesthetist and GP Obstetrician.

Dr Lloyd is greatly respected and much loved by his patients and all in our practice and while it’s hard to say goodbye, we extend our sincere thanks and warmest wishes to him and his family. Former practice partner Dr Tim Shepherd has penned this touching memoir and tribute to Dr Lloyd’s wonderful contribution to our community.

Richard arrived in 1991 from Sydney via UK and soon became an integral part of our practice. Richard initiated new anaesthetic techniques to Moruya Hospital after working in England, and with Obstetric and Emergency medicine duties, hospital  patients and of course, general practice , he was immediately welcomed  to Moruya. 

Nearly 30 years on, he is renowned for his knowledge, compassion, skill and practicality. Always driven by evidence based medicine , Richard has been the go to guy for advice and the latest and great perspective in management. Always the diplomat, Richard has contributed much behind the scenes to the running of this rapidly evolving practice and will be missed by all in the team.

A terrific anaesthetist and intensivist for much of his Moruya medical time, Richard also practised obstetrics and managed casualty patients and inpatients as a Visiting Medical Officer at Moruya District Hospital for 20 years.  For many years, Richard has visited residents of the IRT Nursing home here in Moruya .  He sadly leaves a huge number of devoted patients that have benefitted from his care and guidance,Richard’s other  life  is as a devoted family man to his physio wife Jenny and his high achieving kids , Sarah , Kate and Nick . Much of Richard’s non-medical time involves the family and Jenny and Richard have set a fantastic example to their offspring.

A really keen cyclist – both on and off road, Richard famously once rode from Sydney to Moruya with Sara, his eldest daughter – along the coast including beaches and swimming over river estuaries. He was also a keen surfer and he kayaks in the Moruya river and ocean – he had a period of paddling to and from work and once he paddled to Montague Island and return. He was also a long distance runner until he wore out his hip and had it replaced. He loves motor bikes – nearly his undoing as a youth and has owned valuable and rare classic motor bikes – currently his beloved Vincent. Richard is brilliant at fixing things – he loves to recycle or rebuild rather than get a replacement. He loves a beer and also Malt Scotch Whisky. 

Richard is an antiquarian – he loves old stuff and history – the photo of his grandfather doctor around the dissection table with the other medical students is a favourite. Few people know he topped NSW in Australian History in  HSC! He has collected and rebuilt vintage cars, motor bikes and even old anaesthetic machines and has a smorgasboard of old medical equipment and books. Recently while at the family home in Sydney, Richard unearthed unseen photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction. These have been keenly sought by the State Library in Sydney . This interest will undoubtably occupy much of Richard’s retirement.

Dr. Richard Lloyd – Dicky – extraordinary country GP- well done and thanks mate. Dr Tim Shepherd, June 2020