What I do for thirty seven dollars and five cents

Thirty-seven dollars and five cents is the value this government places on up to twenty minutes of my time writes Sydney GP Dr Elizabeth Oliver. This figure, the amount a practice receives from Medicare for a standard consultation, has not changed in four years, and under the current arrangement, will not change for another three. I myself receive sixty five percent of that. But are the pennies well spent? Let’s see.

What’s in store for new health minister Greg Hunt?

Successful health ministers need well-honed political skills, a lot of patience and even more backbone for the very public battles needed for real change says Jim Gillepspie, Deputy Director, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney…

The not so humble zucchini – it’s the queen of the crop!

The zucchini is not as humble as we might think – it’s low in kilojoules, high in fibre – loaded with goodness and a low energy base to meals…here are three quick and tasty recipes from our dietitian Carole Richards.

The best possible service – it’s our mission

Over 300 patients responded to our survey during August. CFEP report 97% of all QSMC patient ratings were good, very good or excellent with the majority of our scores exceeding national benchmarks. Our thanks to all who participated.

Man up – and break the man rules

Harden up. Suck it up. Man up. We’ve been telling our men this for years, but is it healthy? Suicide is now the leading cause of death for Australian men aged 15-44. And alarming new research suggests that some men choose to take their own life, rather than appear weak by asking for help.